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Inventory Management Services

Providing essential health and safety services to our clients.

Our company was founded in 2013, providing Inventory Management Services to the mining and manufacturing industries. The services we provide can be broken down into two main delivery methods.
VMI (Vendor Managed Inventory) and Automated Inventory Equipment (PPE Vending Machines)


VMI (Vendor Managed Inventory)

or as we like to call it, IMI (Independently Managed Inventory).

Whether we partner with your current suppliers or provide services directly to your organisation, our VMI/IMI service can provide cost and productivity savings. Our team perform stocktakes, order stock (through your suppliers), deliver (If required) and pack away orders. We act as an independent third party to ensure stock availability without overstocking. You set the stock turn ratio required, and we manage stock levels that achieve the required outcomes.


  • Reduced inventory holding costs
  • Improved productivity for your stores team.

Automated Inventory Equipment

(PPE Vending Machines)

SSOS is a service provider only. We don’t sell product or machines, only as a service. We are not aligned with any one manufacturer of equipment or supplier of inventory. We have extensive experience working with a range of equipment and product suppliers. This allows us to independently assess your business, and recommend the equipment that will best suit your requirements and expectations. Whether that be a simple coil machine with basic functions, that will allow for a very cost-effective solution, or market-leading equipment with comprehensive web-based access to a range of customised reports, or somewhere in between. There is a solution for any organisation of any size. We can train your staff to fill and maintain the equipment or we can do it for you.


  • Ensures stock availability 24/7
  • Reduced usage through accountability
  • Productivity improvements by strategic machine location within your business.

The Original High-Security Vending Solution

IMS Toolbox

CribMaster’s original inventory dispensing machine, ToolBox is one of our most popular high-security industrial vending machines. This unit looks like your typical vending machine, built from highly durable industrial materials to withstand the wear and tear of an industrial environment. The ToolBox is your ideal solution to quickly and easily distribute high-use consumables like PPE, industrial supplies and accessories. Vending inventory from ToolBox can be a totally touchless experience when using Remote Vend in your CM Mobile NG app.

CribMaster software provides detailed inventory.

  • CribMaster software provides detailed inventory management
  • High-security with only one item issued at a time
  • Large window to see all items available for vending
  • Easily removable Item Flap on the front of the ToolBox makes item retrieval easy and touch-free
  • Available accessories include an auger helix for vending small items, riser platform for short items, vertical partition
WeighStation & Aux

Weight-Based Asset Management for High-Use Supplies

The WeighStation monitors and tracks dispensing through precise weight-sensing technology that monitors how much inventory is available. Powerful CribMaster software uses this data from the WeighStation to streamline material purchasing, and replenishment when inventory reaches below a certain level.
WeighStation Single
  • Medium-security solution that provides authorized employees access to many items stored behind two large cabinet doors
  • Easy to replenish as inventory repacking is not required
  • Ideal choice for internal distribution of bench stock
  • Clear doors and pull-out shelves for maximum visibility and accessibility
  • Available in single or double cabinet configurations

Why CribMaster?

CribMaster is a global leader in inventory and asset management solutions for industrial environments.

The CribMaster solution has over 25 hardware solutions that manage storerooms, tool cribs and even point-of-use inventory dispensing using technology like scales and RFID. No other provider has the breadth of software and hardware solutions.

The CribMaster portfolio of software solutions combines real-time data visibility with powerful functionality to give you control over your industrial inventory and asset flow from almost anywhere in your enterprise – reducing costs, increasing productivity and improving safety and compliance. The software suite has expanded to include robust desktop, point-of-use, web-based and mobile application-based versions of the core CribMaster platform.

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